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Here is a short video. It is a short introduction to provide you with some background of our organisation, the values we hold and the services we provide;

We are a helpline directory and routing service. We dedicate ourselves to delivering contact numbers for Government Agencies, Local Authorities and Support Agencies accords the UK. We aim to make these telephone numbers accessible to the public domain. Having said this there may be other methods to contact your local council such as online for instance. Many councils do request that you implement a change of circumstance online. They do this to cut the costs of the telephony services they provide. They possibility have the intention to use the additional resources to bring services to you that are more affective. We ask you to consider this as an option. However if you are like many other people and would rather call your local council to gain resolve on the matters that are dear to you then call through immediately.

Our team are very dedicated and hardworking attempting to find avenues for you to contact your Local Authority or a Government Agency.  Our contact numbers are designed to transfer you through to the intended department. Depending on the Council or Organisation you call you may be requested to speak the department or key in a number to be directed through. Select the option you require and be put through immediately.

Our calls are charged at 5p per minute from a BT Landline however other networks may charge you more. The additional monies that are charged by your network provider are not passed on to us. If you have found any part of our service unsatisfactory then please inform us so we are able to address the issue accordingly. We take your comments seriously and will treat it with the respect and consideration it deserves.

If you believe that there are numbers that are no on our site and would like us to include these numbers on the site for you then contact us to consider adding the number for you. If you have any queries regarding our service then please contact us to leave you comment, complaint or compliment.


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